Get Naturally Good Sleep in Just 8 Weeks

The Natural Sleep Strategy is an 8 Week Immersive Training experience to help busy professionals get better quality, consistent sleep and improve energy and Productivity.

If you’re struggling with long-term or short term sleeplessness and need a solution to get back to sleep quickly, our 8 week experience could be for you.

Good sleep is the back bone of good health and without it, not only does our physical and emotional health suffer but also our levels of success, happiness and personal relationships. Sleep is crucial for us to feel ourselves, be productive and on our top game. Without it we are not only a shadow of what we could be, but potentially damaging our body.

Let’s face it. When we sleep well we are better to be around: more humorous, light, personable, efficient and likeable. We have the confidence that knowing we ‘can do it’ brings and take those things in our stride that on a sleepless day feel overwhelming and impossible. We take more risks and put ourselves out there in a bolder, more dynamic way. Good things start to happen for us and as a result… we feel fantastic!

The experience offers

  • The 4 pillars to good sleep and how to implement them effectively.

  • How diet and lifestyle choices effect your sleep and what to do about it!

  • The science of sleep, how it relates you and how you can use it to your advantage.

  • How a simple routine can re-wire a lifetime of sleeplessness

  • How your sleeping space may be keeping you awake and what to do about it

  • How to manage your time for greater energy and productivity

  • Resetting your body clock to match your sleep type and lifestyle

  • How to relax more and use ‘you time’ to benefit your sleep.

  • Easy to follow practical programme with bite sized videos, audios and exercises to keep you on track and feeling positive.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Before You Begin

    • Welcome

    • Experience Stages

    • Getting the Most from the Experience

    • What You'll Need to Complete this Course

  • 2

    Module 1: Getting to Know Your Sleep

    • Welcome to Module 1

    • Why Focus On Sleep

    • What is Insomnia?

    • Insomnia Triggers

    • Exploring Your Sleep History

    • Keeping a Sleep Diary

    • Setting Sleep Goals

    • The Nature of Change

    • Completing a Sleep Diary

    • By the End of Module 1

    • Your Hypnotic Sleep Audio

  • 3

    Module 2: How Sleep Works

    • Welcome to Module 2

    • How Much Sleep Do We Need

    • Becoming Aware of Circadian Rhythms

    • Circadian Rhythms Key Takeaways

    • Completing your 24 Hour Log

    • What Keeps us Out of Sync

    • What Keeps us in Sync

    • Owl or Lark: Sleep Chronotypes

    • Work with your Chronotype

    • End of Module Summary

  • 4

    Module 3: How Sleep Works Part 2

    • Welcome to Module 3

    • What is the 90 Minute Cycle

    • Why Do we Wake up in The Night

    • Sleep Ritual : Keep the Same Wake up Time

    • Sleep Ritual : Get up After 20 Minutes

    • What is Sleep Pressure

    • Napping

  • 5

    Module 4: Creating a Sanctuary

    • Creating a Sanctuary Introduction

    • Module Downloads

    • The 360 degree Look-around - Audio

    • Sanctuary Introduction

    • Why Create a Sanctuary

    • Light Considerations

    • Enjoying Lighting

    • Noise

    • Safety

    • Why De-Clutter

    • de-clutter brief

    • Space Clearing

    • Bringing Back Home Comforts

    • Space Clearing Relaxation Meditation

    • Mattresses and Pillows

    • 4 object rule

  • 6

    Module 5 - Daily Rhythms

    • Daily Rhythms Intro

    • Perfect Day Meditation

    • The 90 20 Rule

    • Working with Pods or 3's

    • Sleep Ritual: pre bed routines…

    • The Brain Dump

    • Doodling

    • Post- Bed Routine

    • Bonus Video: Worry Time

  • 7

    Module 6- Improving Daily Habits

    • Improving Daily Habits Introduction

    • Habits and Coping Mechanisms

    • Coping Mechanism Demonstration

    • Bonus Module

    • 4 kinds of relaxation

    • Exercise

    • Bonus Video : Why Self Care Helps Everyone

    • Simple Breath Meditation

  • 8

    Pause and Recap

    • Natural Rhythms

    • Your Daily Helpers

    • Your Daily Barriers

  • 9

    Module 7 - Mindfulness for Sleep

    • Module Handbook

    • Just in this Moment Meditation

    • Why Mindfulness

    • What is Mindfulness

    • What is the Monkey Mind

    • Listening to Our Monkey Mind

    • Beginner's Mind

    • STOPP

    • Thought Counting

  • 10

    Thought Shifting

    • Download the Module Handbook

    • Stress Release Meditation

    • De-catastrophising sleep

    • Introduction to CBT task

    • CBT Exercise Demonstration

    • Using Distractions

    • Attentional Bias

  • 11

    Caffeine, Nicotine and Alcohol

    • Module Resources

    • What Does Alcohol Do

    • Alcohol Recommendations

    • Nicotine and sleep

    • How does Caffeine Influence Sleep

    • What Contains Caffeine

  • 12

    Bonus: Nutrition for Sleep

    • Nutrition for Sleep with Special Expert Guest Richard Mason

    • Download your Bonus Cheat Sheets

Plus these bonuses

  • Exclusive Sleep Hypnosis Track

    Value $47

  • Audio Meditations to Help you Sleep

    value $197

  • Detailed Workbooks for Every Module

    worth £227

What People Say

"I've always been a bad sleeper and struggled to sleep for years.  After having sessions with Steph and following her advice, I sleep  through most of the time and on the rare occasionas when I do wake in  the night, feel totally relaxed about it and so get back to sleep   quickly. Sleep isn't a problem anymore and I now know what to do if I  ever fall into bad habits, I use Steph's techniques for a week or two  and I'm back to sleeping well again. I would definitely recommending it  to others who struggle.” Jan

" Steph really got me thinking about my lifestyle choices and how  they affect my sleep. I hadn't really thought about how my daily actions   impacted me and getting to know myself better through the course really helped in sleep but also in my energy levels, happiness and sense of   being in control of my life " Richard

Plus ... these extras

  • Exclusive interview with expert nutritionist.

    Value $57

  • Bonus module on caffeine, alcohol and nicotine

    Value $47

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it Work?

You will guide yourself through the 8 modules (and bonuses) at your own pace. All modules include video training and a workbook and some include audios. All of the training will be made available to you at once and you can take as long as you need. You can revisit and revise any module at any time after the group support has ended.

How Long will it Take?

The course is designed in 8 modules so the fastest time is realistically 8 weeks. The content is simple and digestible (approx 1 hour a week) but the lifestyle changes may take a week or so to adjust to. It’s entirely up to you how long it takes and it’s designed so you can return to the beginning and repeat if desired to really embed the changes.

Will I get a certificate?

A certificate of completion may be give on request however this course is for personal development and does not qualify you as a sleep coach or therapist. 

Will I have to change my lifestyle?

If you cannot change your working hours or the sleep patterns, i.e due to young children, then of course I invite you to adapt the course for you.

 Wherever possible, a willingness to change some lifestyle choices is  recommended for best results. 

You’ll discover early on in the course that your daytime choices and lifestyle is a major influence on your quality of sleep.

Rest assured that any recommended changes to lifestyle are scientifically backed and carefully chosen to improve your well being and happiness so do be prepared to make changes and also feel positive about the difference those changes could make!

What if I have a health condition?

Always ask your doctor if your sleeplessness is a side-effect of your medication or condition. Generally there are always some aspects of the course that are useful to everyone such as :healthy thinking habits, relaxation and diet. If you have a health condition or are on medication that is known to disrupt sleep, then it’s reasonable to think the experience may not be as beneficial as a fully healthy participant.

Can I still take medication?

Consult your doctor about any change to medication such as sleeping pills. Some students prefer to learn the skills of the course first before any changes but this is a conversation for you and your doctor.

What if it doesn’t work?

Science shows the lifestyle changes on this course generally encourage better quality and more consistent sleeping patterns. Please bear in mind even normal sleepers have the occasional poor sleep night, so do monitor your progress over time. If you decide the course is not for you within 14 days of purchase you may request your money back.


Your 8 week Sleep Experience was my passion project and labour of love for a whole year. Yes, I actually took a year to seriously research, re-train and test out the principles on real-life clients like you. This is a serious topic, taken seriously and explored with no stone unturned. I then picked the best bits and simplified it in an easy-to-follow, greatest-impact-first approach to get you results. I believe that good sleep is vital to good health and happiness and with this building block in place anything is possible.

 I sincerely hope you make the decision to let me help you with this sleep thing and help insomnia be a thing of the past. Make the decision to make your life better